Tí Martina Step © Rónán Regan

Rónán composed this step in a friend of his Martina's house in Galway, during an enjoyable sean-nós session.  Thanks to Martina for her collaboration and hospitality.

Breakdown of Tí Martina Step

Parts 1 & 2

Here you have the introduction to the Tí Martina Step followed by a break-down of the first 2 parts of the step.

Full From Behind With No Music

The Tí Martina step is slowly danced in full without music to give you a chance to put together the 4 parts.

Parts 3 & 4

The 3rd and 4th part Tí Martina are taught here.  As always, questions are very welcome and helpful.

Full From Behind With Music

The Tí Martina step is now practiced in full with music to bring the complete step and the music together.  Enjoy!