Fantastic idea for integrating IT and music, Ronan. As a traditional music player myself, I really enjoyed the music and you’ve certainly given me inspiration for September! Thank you.
— Claire Daly, Musician and Course Facilitator CPD College, 13, August, 2016
I absolutely love your music! What a time I’m having with it! I’m like a dervish in the kitchen.....Keep up the good work! More and more please!
— Margaret Finch, Dancer, Wigan (2015)
Hi Rónán, I’ve just been playing your cd with yourself and Irene, a wonderful glittering performance of lovely fiddle music and style, one of the best that I have heard since Brian Rooney’s Godfather, you both should be very proud of this cd, beautiful tunes, it ranks as one of the best fiddle duets for years.
— John Lee, Master Flute Player (Aug, 2014)
Hi Rónán, John Lee played your CD ‘Drumshanbows’ (love the title by the way!) for me last night as we drove to a gig, and I must tell you I was bowled over by the authentic beauty of the music and the gorgeous playing. Congrats to Irene and yourself!
— Seamus McGuire, Master Fiddle player (Sept, 2014)
I played this album today on a journey in the car - classy - most enjoyable. It’s a wonderful CD. Fantastic music, a fantastic recording. There isn’t a note wasted, there’s no note here that’s casual, it’s well considered, well designed, well played. Sept, 2014, Tuam trad festival launch
— Gerry Hanley, Master Accordion Player (Aug, 2014)
Great version of Carolan’s Cottage! and a lovely selection of tunes”
— John Devereux, Flute Player (Aug, 2014)
Tá an CD go hálainn, comhgairdeas.
— Éilís Ní Shúilleabháin, Máistreás Amhránaithe (2014)
Top drawer album for the ‘pure drop’ enthusiasts....Mighty stuff!!
— John McKenna Music Society, Leitrim. October, 2014
A great selection of tunes; that suits the musicians; who are both playing in harmony and in unison, and they are also joined by Paddy Ryan, and he fits in perfectly...
It’s very well produced, very professionally done...the sleeve notes are copious and give all the history of the tunes, which is also very important and beautiful photograph of the two of them taken by the lake.
Track number 1 is called Drumshanbows, it’s a beautiful tune composed by Rónán..........Ronan has amazed me with his compositions and he has several compositions on this album.
This is a very good album and very well worth having, I recommend that you do have album that you can listen to again and again.
— Ben Lennon, Master Fiddle Player, Joe Mooney Festival Launch, 2014
Irene and Rónán are saying very nice things about the music and I would say that the music is very pleased with the way they have treated it!
— Joe Burke, Master Accordion Player, Willie Clancy Festival Launch, 2014
Drumshanbows is a very refreshing new album release from Rónán Regan and Irene Guckian with a nice varied selection of old and new tunes. Fiddle duets through-out, you would think from close listening that there is only one fiddle being played which is testament to the quality of musicianship between Rónán and Irene. The sleeve notes are some of the best and most detailed I have seen in a long time. I wish both Rónán and Irene every success with Drumshanbows and I would highly recommend it.
— Enda Seery, Master flute player and tutor, Joe Mooney Summer School. (July, 2014)