It’s a fantastic album, it’s getting great reviews, everybody who’s bought it has been really, really impressed with it.
— Eamonn Daly 2014, Joe Mooney Summer School


DRUMSHANBOWS - A celebration of traditional music from Leitrim and the surrounding hinterland.

'I must tell you I was bowled over by the authentic beauty of the music and the gorgeous playing.'

— Seamus McGuire, Master Fiddle player (Sept, 2014)

This newly released fiddle duet CD by Rónán Regan and Irene Guckian, is, true to it's name, centred around the musical accent and repertoire of Leitrim's lyrical heritage.  As stated in the CD wallet -

 'Drumshanbows is a fun name which represents a kind of fulcrum of the musical styles of Rónán and Irene, which came about as they met and formed their musical alliance and friendship in Drumshanbo, where they both teach fiddle at the annual Joe Mooney Summer School.'   

The CD is a fiddle duet in the Leitrim Style, comprising of Irene Guckian (fiddle) and Rónán Regan (fiddle) with guests including Paddy Ryan (fiddle), Mick Blake (piano), Ciaran Curran (bouzouki) and Tommy Murry (Recitation).  It's a CD that is true to the musical accent of Leitrim and it's surrounds and is very much influenced by Rónán and Irene's musical mentors and friends Ben Lennon, Jim Connolly, Paddy Ryan and Fr. John Quinn.

It's a fresh, creative, collaborative project that resonates with tradition and weaves an artistic tapestry of music both old and new.  

'Top drawer album for the ‘pure drop’ enthusiasts....Mighty stuff!!'

— John McKenna Music Society, Leitrim. October, 2014

'Track number 1 is called Drumshanbows, it’s a beautiful tune composed by Rónán..........Rónán has amazed me with his compositions and he has several compositions on this album.'

— Ben Lennon, Master Fiddle Player,      Joe Mooney Summer School, 2014

Julie Popplewell's photography captures the quixotic beauty of Leitrim in spring-time and a sense of the nature of the 'Drumshanbows' project and Noel Strange of Longford and Mary O'Malley from Galway tastefully bring the CD to life with their deft design work.

The CD bares the thoughtful stamp of a pair of musicians who are deeply respectful of and inspired by the rich traditions of Leitrim and north Connacht music.

'Irene and Rónán are saying very nice things about the music and I would say that the music is very pleased with the way they have treated it!'

— Joe Burke, Master Accordion Player, Willie Clancy Festival Launch, 2014

This is apparent from the elegant and well informed 24 page booklet;  the background work done over years, digging deep into the heart of the tradition seeking tasteful tunes and settings of tunes from local manuscripts as well as sitting shoulder to shoulder with musical friends who carry a dedicated passion for the nuances, intricacies and bowing patterns of Leitrim's rich regional style.  

'A wonderful glittering performance of lovely fiddle music and style, one of the best that I have heard since Brian Rooney’s Godfather, you both should be very proud of this cd, beautiful tunes, it ranks as one of the best fiddle duets for years.'

— John Lee, Master Flute Player (Aug, 2014)