Inis Meáin Step © Rónán Regan

Rónán composed this step to pay tribute to a lighter, flowing style of sean-nós dance, which many of the older gneration favoured to give expression and joy to our wonderful music.  Dancer, Poet, farmer and fisherman, Dara Béag Ó Fáthartaigh, from Inis Meáin (RIP 2012) along with dancer, Irish teacher, librarian and radio presenter Maureen Mhéanaigh were the two graceful dancers who inspired this step.  It was composed in the summer of 2002 while living, working and playing music and dancing on Inis Meáin.

Breakdown of Inis Meáin Step

Intro & Lesson

This is the introduction to the step and the teaching of the majority of the step

Full From Behind With Music

Here is a practice of the Inis Meáin step from behind danced slowly to Johnny O' Halloran's music. 

End & Practice

Here is the end of the step and a practice of the full step including the ending with music.

Full From Front With Music

The Inis Meáin danced from the front, a little bit quicker to Johnny O' Halloran playing reels.