Maeve's Step © Rónán Regan

Rónán sister Maeve was passing on a step to him, a step she had learnt from a wonderful sean-nós dancer and teacher, Mick Mulkerrins in a workshop in Dublin.  Maeve had somehow forgotten much of the step and much like Joe Cooley's reel, some inspiration and improvisation were needed to bring it to life again. Rónán composed this step as a result and called it Maeve's Step.

Breakdown of Maeve's Step

Intro & Lesson

Here is an introduction to Maeve's Step and the step broken down and taught without music.

Full From Front With Music

Once again the step is danced up to speed from the front and will give you a chance to practice what you've learnt.  Enjoy!

From Behind With Music

Maeve's Step is now practiced slowly from behind to reels played by Johnny.