Bofin Step © Rónán Regan

The Bofin Step in 140 characters
Rónán wrote this step in 2003 in honour of the lovely island of Inis Bofin off the coast of Cleggan, near Cliften in Connemara, on the west coast of Galway, Ireland.  And taught it at the Inis Bofin Arts Festival in 2004 and subsequent festivals. 

Breakdown of Bofin Step

Intro & Lesson

Here you will find the introduction to the step and a  slow teaching of the step.

From Behind With Music

Here is a slow practice from behind with relaxed lilting music by Johnny O' Halloran the fine box player from Inish Bofin.  Nearly ready to practice the Bofin Step at full speed.

Full Step - No Music

The full step is then taught from behind without music.

From Front With Music

Here you have the Bofin Step danced up to speed from the front.  Keep with it and you'll have it perfected in no time!