Tuin na Sionainne (Jig) 2011 © Rónán Regan

Rónán composed Tuin na Sionnaine (The Voice or Tone of the River Shannon)  on 21 April, 2011 whilst living in Carrick-On-Shannon, Co. Leitrim.  The Shannon as I'm sure you know is the longest river in Ireland and the UK with a length of 280km. The river flows from its source in the Cuilcagh Mountains, near Blacklion to its estuary below Limerick. This important river and its tributaries drain some 15,500 sq km or about one fifth of the island of Ireland.) Rónán has taught Tuin na Sionnaine at the Joe Mooney Summer School as well as in his weekly music classes in Cryan's Traditional Music Pub in Carrick-On-Shannon.  It starts off with a moving bass line on the D string, while continually crossing strings to the open A. This constant crossing of strings is a regular feature of Irish jigs and is good for developing a loose wrist and fluidity in your bowing style.  I hope you enjoy learning this tune, good luck!  Rónán

n.b. On this recording Rónán mentions a date of around 2012 for date of composition, around the time of Cryan's on the Shannon, but later checked back on the original recordings and discovered that he wrote it on 21 April, 2011.


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