The Besom in Bloom (Jig) Traditional

The Besom in Bloom is an old traditional tune which featured in Captain Francis O'Neill's The Dance Music of Ireland in 1907. The Besom in bloom was a little known tune which was reintroduced into the tradition by Colm O'Donnell when he, PJ Hernon and many others worked on the fine tune book 'The Mountain Road' in the Coleman Centre in Gurteen, Co. Sligo.  Rónán recorded this tune with Irene Guckian on their album Drumshanbows (2014) along with a composition of Tipperary fiddle player Seán Ryan called The Kilimor Jig.  This cd is available to purchase on-line at  There is a feeling that this could originally be a piping tune as it appears to start in the key of D and has a floating C note which is a common feature of tunes in the piping tradition around this era.



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