Cryan's on the Shannon (Jig) 2012 © Rónán Regan

Rónán composed Cryan's on the Shannon  in 2012 whilst living and teaching in Gaelscoil Liatroma in Carrick-On-Shannon.  This is a tribute to a fine music house in Carrick-On-Shannon.  Rónán has taught Tuin na SionnaineCryan's On The Shannon at the Joe Mooney Summer School as well as in his weekly music classes in Cryan's Traditional Music Pub in Carrick-On-Shannon.  It starts off with a moving bass line on the D string, while continually crossing strings to the open A. This constant crossing of strings is a regular feature of Irish jigs and is good for developing a loose wrist and fluidity in your bowing style.  I hope you enjoy learning this tune, good luck!  Rónán


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