Ar gCéad Chomaoineach © Rónán Regan

Port a chum Rónán i 2011 nuair a bhí sé ag múineadh ranga 2 i nGaelscoil Liatroma, Cora Droma Rúisc agus iad ag déanamh a gCéad Chomaoineach.  Written by Rónán in 2011 for 2nd Class, in the local Gaelscoil in Carrick-On-Shannon 2011.

Breakdown of Ar gCéad Chomaoineach

Parts 1

Part one starts on a third finger G note on a down bow and then jumps up to the high g octave on an up-bow.  Both parts are repeated. 

Parts 1 & 2 Practiced individually

Here there is a practice of both the first and second parts of the tune individually, to refresh our memories before tackling the full tune together.

Part 2

The second or high part of the tune starts on a high F note, there is a repeat of a phrase that we learnt in the first part.  Again the high part is repeated. 

The Full Tune Slowly

Here you will hear the full tune played slowly and have a chance to practice it.  The structure of the tune is AA BB.  Please feel free to ask any questions...enjoy!