Gleann an Iolair le Rónán Ó Riagáin

This poem, Gleann an Iolair le Rónan Ó Riagáin, written as Gaeilge is a simple poem about hope.  It was written in anticipation of a dance performance at Oireachtas na Samhna 2013 in the Gleneagle Hotel in Killarney, when Bryan Mostyn the great box player from Sligo, now living in Carrick-On-Shannon was playing music for my dancing - the juxtaposition with an earlier trip to Killarney (20 years earlier) while climbing carrantohill - reveals the same underlying feeling of soaring hope overcoming adversary. Hope is an important emotion which inspires our humanity towards greater levels of grace, achievement, empathy etc,  The music underlying the poetry was a composition that I wrote in 2011 and became the title track of the CD Drumshanbows released in late 2014.  It features Irene Guckian and I on fiddle and Mick Black on piano.