Hi Lads, A few recordings of the tunes that Paddy was chatting about incorporating into our set - so that ye have an idea what they sound like.  They're as rough as a badger so just for our own ears :-)  My thinking, just an idea is that we've a set of all D tunes - Sailor / Fred Finns and the new tunes on the block are all in G...and we could mix it around and share the love?

Here's the Wind that Shakes the Barley (this tune was already in the set list but had fallen by the wayside, good on ya Paddy), in the low key, as I play it with Ben Lennon and Jim Connolly over the years, kinda slow and swingy and can be infectious when you hit the rhythm just right (easier to do with yer help)

My two-pence worth, I think the Sailor on the Rock and Touch me if you dare are tunes that have a bit of jump in them and suit a bit of pace.

Again I think these can travel at a clip with that north Connacht bounce.  I'm not used to these two together, so the change didn't come across great but they'll work well after a bit of practice, if we choose to go down this road.

I think the Teatotaller is lovely in the key of C, again just a thought, would that work for you Enda - it might involve a C whistle or would that be okey on flute an octave up?  I went off on a tangent here, and went around the round about once too many at the end! 

Anyway these are just thoughts for the set list for the longer term, we can play away with things as they are for this next session..chat to ye soon, Ronan